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With contextual FAQs and dynamic, optimized contact methods from Humany, your visitors enjoy better and faster service.

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Create guides and dialog trees with multiple responses

Simply create your knowledge base with guides and dialog trees that answer customers’ most common questions.

With Humany, you have multiple response versions in one and the same guide, for example, internal answers for your customer service and externally for your website.

An easy-to-use, but powerful translation mode simplifies work with several languages in the same knowledge base.

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Simplify with ready-to-use widgets

Publish a dynamic FAQ on your website with one of our turnkey widgets. These are easy to configure and adapt graphically so that they blend in the specific characteristics of your website.

Humany also offers a portal for internal use, which can either be protected by a password or an IP number. The portal can be used independently, or simply integrated into your intranet or other platform.

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A smart, self-learning search function

With our smart and self-learning search function, it is easier than ever before to find relevant information. Over time, the function learns how visitors express themselves and also takes into account that pages on your site customers have visited.

Humany can also analyze entire emails and suggest solutions before emails are sent, as well as proactively suggest suitable answers on sites where questions and issues are common.

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Tailor-made web forms

Create your own tailored web forms with a simple drag-and-drop interface, and collect exactly the information you need to reply to a given enquiry.

Handling issues becomes faster, more effective and more pleasant – no more yoyo emails where customers have to supply additional information again and again!

An innovative conditions function also makes it easy to create dynamic forms that show or hide parts of the form based on previous choices.

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Service on a personal level

With Humany’s personalization engine, you can give every visitor a unique experience. Humany can provide different answers to a single question by, for example, using information from logged-in users’ profiles.

Personalization is easily set-up in a user-friendly editor and is configured with simple APIs.

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Optimize your contact methods with smart rules

Make your contact page and contact methods more dynamic with Humany. With the help of our smart rules, we direct the right enquiries to the right channels.

We can also easily manage which type of support visitors should be offered, for example by giving certain visitors immediate access to personal service and prompt others directly to FAQs.

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Follow-up important customer issues and remove irrelevant content

Follow-up important questions that have failed to generate any hits or views in the knowledge base, and continually update it based on what customers actually ask about.

Are there large numbers of similar questions for which there are no good answers? Update the knowledge base. Are there guides that have never been read? Get rid of them. Do some guides receive poor feedback? Re-write and improve them.

Humany improves the entire customer service experience

Web site visitors Web site visitors Web site visitors

Web site visitors

With Humany’s smart FAQs, up to half of site visitors find what they are looking for themselves. This reduces stress on customer service, so that those users who need personal support obtain answers more quickly through dynamic contact methods.

Editors Editors Editors


An editor using Humany has access to a user-friendly interface and considerable freedom to work with content and contact methods. Editors are able to quickly and easily create new guides, dialog trees, dynamic contact forms and smart rules which direct the right issues to the the right channels.

Customer service agents Customer service agents Customer service agents

Customer service agents

For those who communicate with customers via email, chat or phone, there is a specially adapted knowledge portal for internal use that is fast and reliable. Agents can quickly provide feedback, allowing editors to improve content.

Supervising managers Supervising managers Supervising managers

Supervising managers

Humany’s integrated statistics make it easier than ever to keep track of customers’ issues and questions. Perhaps such enquiries can even be the source of new products and services?