Focus on making life easier

Increase loyalty by making life easier for customers

The easier your customers find it to resolve customer service issues, the happier and more loyal they become. This is according to research that Humany’s partner and retailer, Telia, has seen.

One of the findings of this report suggests that there is a widespread misconception among companies that customers prefer phone contact with customer service, when in actual fact, around 75 per cent or people first go to a company’s website in an attempt to find an answer to their enquiry on their own.

There is also a trend towards offering as many channels as possible for customers to make contact. Even if this might seem to make sense, in many cases it can be confusing. Rather, it should be companies’ job to guide customers effectively. The goal is to make it easier to resolve enquiries.

At Humany, after many years in the sector, we have arrived at the same conclusion and have built our platform accordingly. With Humany, companies get the tool that they need to make it easier for customers to resolve issues themselves – as well as offer the right contact pathways to the right customers.

Read more at Telia (in Swedish)