New features – new opportunities

Exempel på Humanys nya design-tema för widgets


During fall and winter we have worked hard on developing our platform. We have listened to our customers and are now launching a whole new suite of functions – some small, some large – that we hope will generate even more benefit and improved efficiency for all our clients.

Here is a brief overview of some of the most significant and interesting functions:

New visual themes for widgets

We now have new visual themes that you can use with your widgets. These, along with our new function that makes it possible to connect icons to categories, makes the usually information-heavy FAQ experience more enjoyable and appealing for users.

Contact method selector 

With the new Contact pathway selector function, you can easily categorize your contact methods and create a smooth step-by-step flow for users, who are now able to define their enquiry and arrive in selected contact methods with just a few clicks.

Trash function

Has someone mistakenly deleted information from Humany? No problem – a longed-for trash function is now in place. Along with draft and auto save functions, it is now safer and more secure for editors working in the system.

New contact method: "Web Service"

It is now possible, and easy, to send form data from Humany to separate, third party web services and present answers within guides, thereby creating entirely dynamic answers. For example, you can incorporate functions to show stock and shipping status, or integrate with external case management systems and similar.

Improved cache

Guide updates, widgets, contact pathways etc. now appear immediately. In earlier versions, changes could take several minutes to appear. These improvements also result in an overall improvement of the entire service.